Digital Economy Summary.

For the past three months I have been involved in the class living, learning and working in the context of the digital economy. During this class I was able to learn about the digital society that we live in and various aspects of the culture that I knew very little about.

While studying the course I have written blogposts each week which I have researched different topics and examined points and then posted them to WordPress. I have also commented on others blogposts and discussed face to face the issues covered with a group in university. By commenting on others blogs and having comments on our own I feel that this has really helped to enhance my learning. The comments which were left were often comments that provoked other issues which I had not thought about and also showed other people’s points of view. I found this particularly beneficial as the comments made gave me feedback from different people and allowed me to change my thinking. I also left comments on blogs of my peers and found that reading their blogs highlighted areas which we thought similarly about and other areas which I had not considered. I would provide feedback on ideas I had had when reading their post and writing my own.

The class also had to set up Twitter accounts and tweet using #LLWDE14. The idea of using the hashtag was good but I feel it didn’t work to it’s fullest potential where people were tweeting ideas and opinions. I tried to tweet articles and share websites I had found but as I didn’t use Twitter before this class I could sometimes forget about it. However I did feel that the live Twitter sessions we had in class worked as people showed opinions then and commented on one another’s tweets. During these sessions I felt that I was able to see what others in the class were thinking and this helped me further to form my own ideas in the subject we were discussing. I also followed various people on Twitter to enable me to gain more knowledge for the class and found this very useful.

I found this class particularly useful as it helped me to gain a good understanding of the society that we are living in and enabled me to learn about topics and issues I didn’t even know existed. I have also been able to consider the concept of technology in the classroom and the importance of becoming digitally literate. This is something which I now feel very strongly about and believe should be considered more in society and in education as a key issue for learning. However I wouldn’t have these ideas had I not researched and learned from reading and learning from my peers about the good and the bad of the digital economy.



  1. eveh1993 · December 15, 2014

    I think you have summarised a lot of key aspects about how the class has been communicating and working this semester.
    I agree that commenting on each others blogs was a useful task as it definitely provoked my thinking and enhanced my learning.
    I also agree with what you have mentioned about the class being useful as we have learned about topics I hadn’t heard of before- it has been really interesting!


  2. stephanienicoleshields · December 15, 2014

    I think you have provided a great overview of the course and the different ways of communicating with peers. I agree that commenting and peer assessing blog post each week helped us gain a better understanding of the main aspects of the topics we researched, it also allowed us to see if we shared the same ideas with our peers but also we where able to see the different points of view everyone had. I feel that having a blog post was good for us to see each others posts and gave us confidence in our tasks as we could compare ideas with the rest of the class. I also agree that this class has gave me a better understanding of digital media and I have found myself using it more and wanting to learn more about the different technologies we can use at home and also at university.


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