Remixing Content.

The Internet is an amazing creation. We learn from what we read or see and have the power to create and share in an online community. The idea of ‘remixing content’ means that you take work that you see online and edit it in some way, perhaps by combining other images or ideas, rearranging or changing it in some way that means that it is different from the original.

There are many advantages and disadvantages of this idea of creating content which is freely available. One advantage is that anyone in the world can view work which you or someone else produces and puts online. This results in more learning and sharing and can be useful to all but particularly students and learners as they can access a wide range of information simply by going online. Nest (2013) states that the Internet is doing exactly this, spreading information and increasing peoples knowledge. Another advantage is that the Internet helps greatly with research and allows people to draw on other peoples work to form their own. As well as these advantages another, and this one I feel is particular to the profession which I want to go into, is that the Internet is a great resource for teaching. There is so much information available and ideas to be used in the classroom.

However in a world where information is shared and viewed easily online means that there are disadvantages to this brilliant source of information and the idea of remixing. Unfortunately a disadvantage is that the easy access to information means that people can take other peoples work which has been placed online and claim it as their own. By not crediting the original source means that what Hodgkins(2014) states is true, the creator doesn’t gain from the process if remixing. Another disadvantage is that changing the content of someone else’s work and making it appear differently can sometimes result the work being made inappropriate and no longer adding to the original source which is the point of remixing. There is also a disadvantage in the fact that it becomes difficult to identify where original ideas have come from and the information can be incorrect or misleading (Hobbs, 2006).

Personally I find the idea of sharing online and remixing an excellent thing. It allows us all to connect online and I particularly like the fact that there is this idea of collaborating by using the Internet, however I can see the disadvantages to online sharing. Overall I feel that the Internet is a great tool particularly for learning and I like the fact that we can all learn from each other and help one another in this online community. I am part of a band and I know that we find it particularly useful that we can promote ourselves as a group and as individuals online and share our passion for music and our ideas online with people around the world. For us we are happy to make our work freely available and I therefore feel that it is down to the individuals to decide how they feel about uploading and sharing their work but I would encourage people to be aware of the idea of remixing and the advantages and disadvantages which until recently I myself was quite unaware of.

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  1. eveh1993 · November 11, 2014

    I liked reading your blog this week, I thought this topic was pretty hard to research but I think you have summarised a lot of key points really well and made it easy to understand. Although it wasn’t outlined in the question maybe it would have been useful to mention how people can protect their work onine even though it is talked about as being “free”.
    Your last paragraph was really interesting and personal – I never knew you were in a band, that’s cool.


  2. eveh1993 · November 11, 2014



  3. stephanienicoleshields · November 11, 2014

    Your blog is really good and follows well, I like how you have clear points on the advantages and disadvantages of the topic. I like your introduction and agree that the internet is a very powerful tool that we can use to remix ideas and see ideas from others.
    I agree that it is good for people to share their work and for other to notice their efforts, it can be accessed by anyone and they can take the full credit for what they have created. I also agree that as the internet can be accessed so freely it is hard for producers to protect their work from other who may copy or remix their content.
    I agree that sharing content online is a good thing for us all to see the work of other, from my own experience I have taken content from others without thinking about have I taken someone’s pictures without permission, and I think it is important that we know and understand the organisation that are out there to protect work like Creative Commons.


  4. Cristina Costa · November 13, 2014

    you draw on your experience with an interesting example. I wish you had expanded on that to tease out the benefits and implications of making your band’s material freely available online.


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